Favourite reader feedback

“What a load of absolute garbage. Who are going to defend next, paedophiles?”

“i swear i would fucking kill you so easiily”

“This has a definite liberal islamic stench to it.”

“mouthpiece for the Socialists.”

“We know your name now Burnsie, be afraid.”

“Enjoy your world of Fox news”

“this article is very poorly done, and dismissive”

“Mr. Burns’ article is a restatement of the usual criticisms of those who oppose assisted suicide and euthanasia (AS/E) that come from the limited information on ending-of-life issues in the mainstream media.”

“What a weak article.”

“Why is it controversial that a nation cannot decide who is allowed to enter their land, especially criminal parasites?”

“This article is absolute rubbish”

“Is Al Jazeera so short of news that they have to publish the dribblings of someone who is so obviously on the Left’s payroll?”

“No Tom, it’s not.”

“sounds totilatarian”

“If you don’t have sufficient knowledge of the Bible, you should not comment on it.”

“tom that was one of the most boring, redundant things ive ever read.”

“Who Will approve such cruelty especially when the person concerned isn’t approving it. euthanasia is evil!!!”

“NEVER.Who are you to judge that sb else has to be killed?” Mayb you should research more on Euthanasia”

“your article is incorrect.”

“Well duh.”

“This is a ridiculous comment.”

“And we care about his opinion because?”

“Is this satire?”

“Written by a left wing lunatic”


“Come on tell us, what is your real Islamic name?”

“An idiotic article with perhaps the stupidest headline this year.”

“I do not believe a word of this propaganda piece.”

“australia just got lectured by a child. where to these megaloaniacs come from AJ in what hole do you find them”


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