How politicians and the AEC already failed young voters this election

Yet another SBS rant. This time about figures released yesterday by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC), who say that 25 per cent of young voters failed to register for the upcoming federal election.


Where are the big numbers for science education?

Another day, another article.

I wrote again for SBS, this time on science education in Australia:

It’s partly based off an interview I did on Friday with Prof Lawrence Krauss, which you can view in-full here:

I’ll be writing at least one more piece based on this interview for The Australia Times and will post links here when it’s up.

Just my five cents

I’ve recently published an article with SBS.

For international readers, the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) is the Australian equivalent of something like the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) of the UK. Although we also have another publicly owned news and broadcasting network in Australia known as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), which is about on-par.

So, without further ado, here is the article: